Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a permit for development and a permit for subdivision?

A Planning Permit for development is for the proposed buildings and use on the site, whereas a Planning Permit for subdivision is to subdivide the land into separate parcels of land that have their own title.

Can I put a unit in my backyard?

The best way to answer that question is for us to come out on site and assess the existing conditions eg. access, habitable room windows, vegetation, neighbourhood character etc. We can discuss with you the zoning and overlays that are applicable, peruse your copy of title and detail any concerns that have been raised.

How will I know if I can get what I want on my block without spending thousands of dollars?

We offer a service called a Preliminary Assessment. This assessment includes a site measure, a proposed floor plan layout and a detailed report that explains how we’ve achieved this design, the opportunities and constraints of the site and our recommendation as to the likelihood of a Planning Permit being issued by Council. All this for a fraction of the cost of a full planning application. Should you decide to proceed, this cost is deducted from the total Schedule of Fees.

How much will it cost for a town planning application for a dual occupancy and what’s included?

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The preparation and lodgement of this application will be approximately $9,000-$10,000. This includes a Site Feature and Level Survey by a licensed Land Surveyor, all plans and written statements, current title search, Council application fee, preparation and lodgement of the application with Council, meetings with delegated planning officer and plan amendments if required. A Schedule of Fees will be provided on request. Additional fees apply for each additional unit as the scope of work is increased, as are the Council requirements and their lodgement fees.

What other payments are required that aren’t included in the Schedule of Fees?

** Arborist’s Report, if required.
** Council advertising fee, if required.
** Landscape plan.
** Applications to the relevant authorities to build over an easement, if required.
** Bushfire Management Statement, if required.
** Cultural Heritage Management Plan, if required.

I have already found plans from a builder that I would like to use. Can you use these plans for my application and will it save me money?

We are happy to attempt to use any builder’s plans. However, most of the time, the layout of plans provided by a builder were designed to be a single dwelling on the block. As soon as there is more than one dwelling on one title, there are additional Council requirements and there are a lot more rules and guidelines that need to be followed that wouldn’t apply to a single dwelling and therefore, the builder’s plan no longer complies. We are happy to try and incorporate what you like about their plan into our own design, being mindful of copyright laws of course, and ideally come up with a plan that suits you and also complies with the relevant Council’s requirements. If we are able to use your builder’s plan, the cost deduction will vary depending on whether you are able to provide a usable CAD file from the builder, how many changes are required to be made by us and whether you are also providing elevations and any other required plans. We are happy to discuss this with you at your initial consultation.

What areas do you cover?

We work Victoria-wide and have an established relationship with many of the Councils after almost 20 years of experience designing and preparing town planning applications.

Do you only design dual occupancies?

No, we can take care of any town planning application that requires Council approval. From a dual occupancy to a twenty unit development, from a change of use to a multi-residential building ie. apartments, from commercial warehouses and factories to a bowling alley, we’ve got you covered.

I’ve never done a development before. How will I know what to do once I have a Planning Permit?

We have resources to help you with obtaining a Building Permit, as well as subdividing the land. We can provide you with a Schedule of Fees prior to starting each stage and are happy to coordinate these processes for you, while you can continue to just deal with us. Your one stop shop.

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