Town Planning

The team at Philip Harvey and Associates are town planning experts and can quickly and efficiently assist you with your upcoming project.

Whether it be a dual occupancy, factory, warehouse, shed, change of use, multi-residential development, apartments or any other building that requires a Planning Permit, we offer packages to suit your individual needs. These include:

  • Site Feature and Level Survey (by licensed Surveyor)
  • Design, including Site and Floor plans
  • Drafting, including Elevations, Streetscape, Shadow Diagrams, Design Response plan
  • Written statements
  • Preparation and lodgement of the application with Council
  • Liaison with delegated planning officer
  • Advertising

Being a development consultant is a specialised skill. With over 20 years experience in town planning, building permits and subdivisions the team at Philip Harvey and Associates have a clear and comprehensive understanding of Council requirements and processes. We hope to use this knowledge and experience to help you obtain your planning approval.

What is involved in the planning process?

  • We engage a Land Surveyor to provide a site feature and level survey of the site and surrounding properties.
  • We obtain the location of assets from the relevant authorities.
  • We design the development, taking into consideration your needs as the owner, as well as ensuring the design complies with council requirements.
  • We prepare all plans and written statements required by the Council and lodge the application on your behalf.
  • The council will allocate the file to a planner who will refer the application to all of the relevant parties, both internally and externally, and complete an assessment of the application against their planning scheme. If they require additional information or some changes are deemed to be required, they will send us a letter detailing their requirements.
  • If required we will amend the plans where possible and provide additional information and justification.
    Council will advertise the application to adjoining property owners/occupiers by erecting a sign at the front of the property and sending letters to the parties they believe may be effected by the development. If objections are received, we would provide a written response in an attempt to address their concerns or a meeting may be held that we would attend on your behalf.
  • The planner compiles all the information received and generates a report for their team leader, hopefully recommending that a permit be issued.
  • Once a permit is issued, we then prepare further amended plans in accordance with conditions of the permit and resubmit for endorsement.
  • Council approves the plans.

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